Company profile


Established in 2007


Won 45 related patents


Widely distributed in more than 30 countries and regions

Founded in 2007, GMT Medical is an innovative sino-foreign joint company that combines developing, manufacturing, and marketing together. The corporate has multiple subsidiaries located in China, Italy, and USA. Adhering to its core value of "quality, service, integrity, and innovation," GMT Medical built on a “safety first” principle on supplies, and continuously develop cutting-edge, high-quality medical products. 

With the core mission of developing, manufacturing, and marketing cutting-edge, high-quality medical supplies, and bringing a safe, professional, and comfortable experience for every medical worker and patient, we have launched dozens of products, including percutaneous biopsy series, breast minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment series, urological stent and catheter series, polypropylene patch series, etc. in various fields. Our products are widely distributed in over 30 countries and in different regions. Among all the products, the Percutaneous biopsy series is the forerunner in the Chinese medical supply industry.

Being an enterprise with the core competence of independent research and development, we have a top-tier technical R & D team, which maintains close relationships with many top tier clinical departments in China and overseas. We aim to build our brand by developing more innovative products using cutting-edge technology while maintaining outstanding product quality. So far, we’ve won 45 patents and we are still looking for more collaboration opportunities to further develop our company. 

As an enterprise that provides professional medical supplies, we adhere to our brand culture and seek to provide more value to our brand. As a team, we’d like to progress and grow together. Envision to become the leading medical device supplier in China, we strive to create value for and give back to our community.

Dedication to professionalism. Innovate for our future.