We strive to be fair and impartial management;
We openly, sincerely and frankly deal with people and things.
We insist on the results and results oriented
We advocate executive culture

Demete employees should reflect the value of customers:
Through the reform and innovation of technology and process, provide our customers with high-quality, low-cost products through cost control;
With our extensive product knowledge, we provide our customers with product and technology support and solutions.
Win the trust of customers and enhance their confidence in Demet.
Dealing with Customer Complaints and Resolving Issues They Face with Demetrius Products and Services;
Help clients make progress in academia.

Demete employees should reflect the value of the company
Win the support of academic leaders to expand the company's loyal customer base;
Develop and manage distribution channels
With a deep understanding of the market, identify business opportunities or problems;
Take action to seize business opportunities or effectively solve problems;
Develop and implement projects that may only benefit Demeter in the long run.

Demete employees should reflect the value of the dealer
Impart product and technical knowledge, provide training related to product sales skills, and provide management advice;
Develop and execute marketing plan
Provide strategic planning and direction and help them to plan better;
Become a dealer's business consultant.